I appreciate your kind response, one by one.

I was in the wrong position when I was working or lying down, so my shoulders and neck were so stiff that I was beating hard with my massage machine at home, but I had a dull day because I did not feel that my muscles were loosening.

The location was not difficult to find in the crossroad Kookmin Bank building in front of Sater Park
I do not usually get sick even though I go to the massage shop signboard. I am sick all over the body. Is there a phrase called “hand healing massage” in my eyes? There are signboards and advertisements that are in the form of a weak body, so you can check the weak hand.

There was a balloon sign on the street so I could go without difficulty.
I walked to take a walk and it took me 10 to 15 minutes at home
I’m walking all the way here, but I’m still feeling like I’m going to go in and get a massage.

In addition to the massage that relieves fatigue, you do a body correction
I have been told that I have to be careful about turtle necks because I often see smartphones and other electronic devices these days. I have to get counseling and get corrections

If you take the elevator in the building and get off on the 4th floor, you can see the weak body type management at the entrance. Before entering the massage shop, there is a saying that it is closed every Wednesday. And you can make a reservation, so please refer to it!

I had a guest first, so I asked for your understanding and took a picture of the inside of the shop while waiting for a while
It was neatly organized and I was worried about it because it was a public massage shop for men and women
I was relieved because the room was well divided.
By the way, I wonder if others are tired of working
I had a lot of waiting people, so I waited for when my turn came
If I knew this, I would have made a reservation

I thought you said that you’re a foot taller than 1-2 centimeters even if you straighten your back straight.
It seems that it helps to grow well through body correction here.
And you can get a diet effect by doing lymph massage
Do you really need to go on a hard diet?

There were several rooms, but there was a room with a guest, so I could not take pictures
I found some empty rooms and took a picture.
It was nice because the interior was clean and well organized
These days, I am sensitive to hygiene, but this room is used by the guest before the other guest comes
They say they’re going to disinfect and sterilize every corner of the bed!

On one side of the room was a massage tool and a disposable head strap.
I used to watch home shopping and massage tools came out, so I tried to do it at home
I bought it, but I don’t know how to use it properly. I’m leaving it unattended.
So I have to learn how to use it from the teacher who massages it today.

This is where I’ll get a massage!
There were lockers in each room, so I could keep my belongings safely
And I’m going to get a massage
I’m worried that it’s too painful, and I’m excited
I believe you have about 20 years of experience, so I took a massage.
I was getting a massage and it was really strange that it hurts a little bit wherever you press
I felt cool when I slept gently
Is this the know-how of 20 years of experience … thinking about it
I felt the muscles of my shoulders and neck loosened and lightened

The middle teacher who gets the massage asks if the robbery is too strong,
I thought I was in a bad position, so 부산마사지 I was so happy to give feedback right away.
I thought it was best to do a hard massage
He said that it is better to control the force so that there is a weak part by part so that it does not hurt
I asked a lot of questions about my personality because I can not bear it.
I appreciate your kind response, if you’ll be in trouble.

It’s a massage restaurant that even entertainers come to.
I felt it while I was getting a massage, but before I started, the teacher checked my body
Look carefully from arm to leg and let go of the place where you are
I think it’s a secret to a jukjeon massage shop with a weak hand healing.

They say there is also a parking lot for those who come from a long distance!
First, when you park and get a massage cool, you tell the teacher about the parking ticket
He doesn’t worry about parking expenses because he’s taking care of you!

I got a massage and went to work the next day, so my colleagues seemed to have changed my face.
He asked if I was going to pack it. I’m surprised that I got a massage.
And the muscles were so smooth that the day was so lively and so good.
Don’t let the others leave the muscles together
Get a cool massage at Jukjeon Massage Shop’s Hand Hand Healing!

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