Kakao Bank’s interest support for low-end credit

Anyone don’t use Kakao Bank these days?

Now, I really think that the yellow application tool

We’re getting yellow, too.

I feel it growing.

They’re offering interest on low-end credit loans at Kakao Bank.

There are a lot of hard people these days

The low-end credit loan

It’s a really hot event.

A low-end credit client

Check it out on the Kakao Bank app.

– Support for interest on mid- to low-end credit customers’ first month loans

– Check my credit information and manage my credit

– Doubles interest if you join 26-week savings

Kakao Bank has a credit score of 820 or less

for middle and low credit customers

We will provide various support such as loan interest

How can I get the interest on Kakao Bank?

I’m gonna need to make a credit loan

Newly received, that credit customer

We support interest for the first month.

Monthly interest is paid to the Kakao Bank account in the name of the customer

How long do you need to borrow to get interest support?

First month interest exemption

Only customers who have executed new loans by the 9th of next month (July)

Kakao Bank

We’ve been applying a new credit rating model since the 9th,

“Credit Credit Products”

We have expanded the maximum to 100 million won.

Added interest rates are also cut by up to 1.52 percentage points

The lowest rate on the 11th is 2.98%.

For middle and low-end customers

regardless of the loan whether or not

The promotions that double the 26-week savings interest

It started on the 10th.

The customer who is 820 points below KCB credit score

You can benefit from joining the 26-week savings.

If we reach the 26-week maturity,

I’m gonna need you to get a copy

I get cashback as much as interest.

For customers who have joined the 26-week savings account by the 9th of next month

Only a new account is available per customer.

Kakao Bank, which offers so many benefits

Let’s check the cacao bank function again.

1. Opening an account that is easier to access by mobile,

a simple transfer

– It is easy to open an account without a certificate or OTP.

– Multiple transfers can be easily made with a few touches

2. Reasonable deposits and savings without preferential conditions;

Unlike the expected interest rates, we have to make sure

You’ve been disappointed, haven’t you?

The deposits and savings of the Kakao Bank

it convenients without the hidden preferential condition to anyone

It’s easy to understand and reasonable.

3. A bankbook for a meeting to be shared and viewed together;

(I’m in a step-meeting with my friends

I think the function of the group passbook is very good.)

I invited my KakaoTalk friend to the meeting account,

You can check the balance and deposit and withdrawal status with your friends.

You can also ask for a dues deposit with an interesting message card.

4. An interesting 26-week deposit for challenging together;

I’m not sure that the loan

I’m not gonna let you know that you’re gonna be able

26-week savings

I tried and failed because I was having fun,

in the 26 weeks of changing fun

You can taste the experience of achieving maturity.

4. Overseas account remittance department;

WU Fast Overseas 폰테크 Remittances Easier, Cheaper

WU can be remitted to over 200 countries.

6. Simple submission of complex documents,

At the time I want

– Even if the date of the move is a weekend or a holiday

You can apply for a monthly deposit loan.

7. Friends check cards,

the pleasure of choice I choose

From Friends Design

You can even get a nice black color card

I can make it by choice.

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