The staff also said it tasted like alcohol when I ordered it, but I sipped it because it suited me well.

Today, I’m going to write down a review of my trip to Yeonnam-dong Full Salon Bar with my friend on the weekend with my friend.
It’s been almost 10 years since I went to Hongdae.
It’s been a really long time, but I’ve never been to Yeonnam-dong, so I’ve been there.
There are so many people here.
There’s a lot of people sitting on the street drinking or chatting, but it’s so hard to get close to each other without a mask in the corona situation.
I avoided them and came all the way into the alley.
It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get there from the Hongdae station.
I was a little confused about the alley, but I found it well!

It’s the 2nd floor, so you can find this sign carefully.

Midnight Lounge is also famous for its rooftop bar!
But we decided to eat in the hall.

The hall wasn’t very spacious, but it had a bar and three tables.
Isn’t it cute because there’s a pink accent on the interior?

There was a cabinet like this behind the table.
The atmosphere is so much my style!
There was a mirror on the other side, but others didn’t sit down.

When you sit down, they bring you water and a menu.

There was a great kind of grass-sparong, like a grass-sparong floor!
I can see familiar names, but there are many names I’ve never heard before.
Decisive, disabled, my friend and I picked the middle of it.

There was a liquor store in Yeonnam-dong’s Rooftop Full Salon Bar Midnight Lounge.
There are various kinds such as vodka and whiskey tequila, and highball is also available, so those who like the original taste of Yangju can enjoy it.

We ordered cheese pizza as a side dish because our friend couldn’t eat.
Full Salon ordered Fonsta Martini and the Fail Killer.

We have snacks with cream cheese and strawberry jam, which are the basic side dishes.
Isn’t the grass-sarong visual amazing?

It’s a basic snack but it was really delicious!
I wanted to make it at the king’s style house.

This is the Fonstar Martini I ordered.
It’s a full salon with fashion fruits and lime.
Doesn’t it look refreshing?

I really like fashion fruits, so I ordered them, and they were so refreshing and delicious!
It doesn’t taste too strong, so it went in like a drink.
It was a pity that the portion was a little small.

This is the fail killer my friend ordered.
It was soft and sweet with coconut milk and pineapple orange.
The visuals are completely different, right?

This is the cheese pizza.
I thought it would be full of cheese, but there was something green that looked like cherry tomatoes, olives, and basil pesto!

It’s not that salty and thin, so it’s really good!
Maybe it was to my friend’s taste, but he ate a lot.

There was a lot of cheese on top, so it was soft and delicious!

This is Moulin Rouge that I ordered because it was not enough.
It’s a full-sparong with tequila and raspberry in it’s a full-sparong with a full-sparong.

This is my style. The first taste is sweet with raspberries, but I can smell tequila at the end.
As a drinker, it was really good, but my friend said he was surprised because it tasted like alcohol.
The staff also said it tasted like alcohol when I ordered it, but I sipped it because it suited me well. Hu Hu Hu

I went to the lounge out of curiosity and it became quite spacious and clean!
There are cute light bulbs and parasols during the day, so you can enjoy it with a comfortable and free atmosphere.

There’s an air conditioner in a place with a 풀싸롱 partition like this, so you can enjoy it cool in the summer!
I couldn’t take a picture because there were so many people!

I also took an open-close session, so please refer to it before you come back.
I really liked this place because it was more delicious than anything else.
I didn’t really like it when I had a full salad in Hongdae, so I didn’t expect much.
It tastes really good and it’s nice to see it coming out pretty.
There are so many people near Hongdae Station that I don’t want to go, but there are 2000% of people who want to visit again!
There are many kinds, so I wanted to try this and that!
I highly recommend this place for those who like full salons or spirits!
It’s a great place to date.
Rooftop can be rented, so I hope you can come as a group on a special day.
There’s an event where you can select one whiskey every month and buy it at a low price, so you have to go, right?

Midnight Lounge, where you can taste the delicious Full Salon, is located!

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