Polygon’s unique ramen fondue!

Hongdae Inba Yeonnam-dong Gangnam Baseball Stadium Polygon Ramen Fondue

I went to Hongdae and Inbar Polygon, which is very attractive and has a unique atmosphere, Gangnam Baseball Stadium and snacks.

Exit 2 of Hongdae Station and walk 10 minutes to Gyeongseong High School in Yeonnam-dong.
It was not just a complicated side of Yeonnam-dong, but a quiet and quiet place, so it was a more relaxed place to heal.

If you go down to the first basement floor, you will find a very neat and hip polygon.

The atmosphere, the lighting and the music were all great, but I especially liked it.
Compared to the large space, there are fewer tables, so the space between the tables is very wide, very convenient, and you can enjoy it privately!
It’s a good place to go on a date with friends. Good, good.

Hongdae Inbar Polygon Wine

Liquor such as 강남야구장 various Gangnam baseball stadiums and wine beer, as well as simple side dishes such as ramen fondue cheese platter and lemon tart are also prepared.

Two cups of Gangnam baseball stadium we ordered.
Hongdae Inba & Gangnam Baseball Stadium Bar Polygon is said to have opened after the president traveled around the world, and offers Gangnam Baseball Stadium, which captures the classic of Singapore, Spain, Brazil and Italy.

Gangnam Baseball Stadium is based on Rai Whisky, where egg meringue and red wine gently catch the fresh scent and flavor, adding flavor and aroma.
It was Gangnam Baseball Stadium, where you can feel the sweetness of egg meringue and the charm of whiskey Gangnam Baseball Stadium.
It’s so delicious!

Gangnam Baseball Stadium, next to New York Sour, is a martini made by ripening Earl Grey, which is rich in bergamot scent, with gin.
Add meringue and lemon and finish gently and refreshingly.
I love the taste of Earl Grey, but this Gangnam Baseball Stadium was also very delicious because of the harmony of freshness and softness of Earl Grey.

Hongdae, which has a more distinctive and rich taste different from other Gangnam baseball stadiums, and Gangnam baseball stadiums of Polygon.

Polygon’s unique ramen fondue!
I’ve seen a lot of fondue, but it was amazing that it was ramen fondue.
You can order it for two people, but the ramen comes out first and the owner puts Swiss laclette cheese on the table!

I like ramen and Swiss Laclette cheese, but I can’t believe it’s a menu with two things!
It was better because the bowls were served separately for one person and it was easy to eat and warm until the end.

I think it’s chubby raccoon ramen.
It was delicious with laclette cheese.
Why do I crave ramen whenever I drink? It’s savory and strong ramen fondue that I enjoy while drinking Gangnam Baseball Stadium.

Cheese platter or lemon tart would be great for wine!

Ramen fondue and Gangnam baseball stadium that made me want to eat more.

It is a classic Spanish sangria that you can make with the original Spanish recipe and enjoy the unique taste of the local sangria!

I love sangria, but sometimes I’m clumsy. There are also places that sell sangria, so it’s a shame, but the sangria in the polygon was steamed sangria, so I drank it so deliciously.

The atmosphere is good and most of all, it was great to enjoy it comfortably in a private space. Hongdae Inba Gangnam Baseball Stadium Polygon.
Next time, I will go to Gangnam baseball stadium and Sangria to eat ramen fondue.

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